Flowermate Slick Vaporizer Black


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The Flowermate Slick gets it done with a single button for power and temperature control. After you’ve loaded the chamber, just turn it on and it’s ready to go in approx. 40 seconds. It’s powered by a high-quality 18650 battery which delivers up to one hour of vaporization, (about 10 to 12 sessions). That’s strong battery life to go along with user-replaceable batteries. The Slick’s vapour is flavorful and comfortable. The short glass mouthpiece does a surprisingly good job of cooling the vapour so your draws aren’t harsh. There are three temperature settings at 196°C, 204°C and 215°C.
Black Ceramic Conduction Oven.
Replaceable Battery.
Screw-on Glass Mouthpiece.
Magnetic Mouthpiece Cover.
3 popular temperature settings.
Laminated carbon fibre finish.
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