Stash Book Amsterdam Canal Large


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This handy storage box and rolling tray for your weed and accessories is available in two sizes. The typical Amsterdam mansions and the canal are depicted on the cover. The box offers enough storage space for your basic necessities. The box has 3 compartments where you can store enough rolling paper, filter tips, tobacco, a grinder and your weed. The bottom is covered by a removable shelf. This can be used as a rolling tray. There is a handy rolling paper holder in the lid. A sturdy metal chain between the bottom and the cover ensures that the book does not fall open completely. In addition, a magnet ensures that the lid closes the box properly. Place a pack of long rolling paper in the lid and you can easily turn a joint. When you are ready, you can use the ram for stamping your joint. This blade is attached to an elastic band so that it always stays within reach.
Dimensions outside: 22cm x 16cm x 7cm.
Dimensions inside: 19cm x 12cm x 6cm.
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220 mm


160 mm


70 mm


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